Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bake and Break

Bought some new clay
Hand rolled the clay into buttons and beads
Thought I had experience in controling the oven.
In fact, (those black-ish ones)..I need to do and do more.


We are taking short break travel back to hometown ~ Taiping and
may plan to have a day 'hop' around Ipoh.


Before ended this post, I would like to include this inspiring link ~ Eat Drink Chic which I sure will revisit again and again.

And I like this Origami Heart so much ...


Gaby Bee said...

Love your bonbon dish! Your clay buttons are fantastic. Love the photo from your little sweethearts!

Enjoy your break!

Sarah Coggrave said...

What lovely children :-) I think the burnt tinge gives the buttons a nice quality.

Sarah x