Saturday, October 3, 2009

Celebrate Mid Autum Festival

Chinese in Malaysia are celebrating Mid Autumn or Moon Cake Festival today,on the 15th of August Lunar Calendar. The Mid Autumn Festival is celebrated on a moderately grand scale compare to the Chinese New Year.

It is a time for the family members and friends to gather around to glaze and admire the full moon and at the same time savouring moon cakes and sipping Chinese tea.

The promotion leaflet was gave away by 1-Utama Shopping Centre in my working area.
I love it's vintage images.

We bought 2 painted lanterns for my two little princess (they like to call themselves princess) for festive celebration.

My children having fun time in carrying and parading lantern around our housing area.

Besides, not to forget about the MoonCake.

Each year confectioners gets more innovative and try to compete against each other with new version of fillings. However, I still like the traditional filling, i.e. lotus with egg yolks.

You may see there are lots of creative packaging of mooncakes in local shopping mall here.

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