Tuesday, April 14, 2009

True North Arts ~ Personal Maps

I love Map. I collecting Map Postcard & Map Magnet.
So you'll know how excited was I when read about this month prompt in True North Art (formerly known as Soul Journal ) by Kathryn.

Even I like Map so much, however this is my first try to draw them out.

I challenge myself in create my path during this 2.5 years in ArtBloglandia.

Visit to Kathryn (collagediva) for more ideas.

Sketch out map with pencil

Use chalk for colouring

Using black pen to outline the map.
(Left) My new journal book (in fact is a old second book) for True North Arts, I get it from flea market.

My finished Map paste to new journal book


KathrynAntyr said...

Lay Hoon -- I am so gleeful right now looking at your awesome map. Your illustrations are precious. I'm having so much fun looking at all of the different places. I'm thrilled to see the energized spot for True North Arts. I think you are the first person to get a new journal for your True North Arts adventure. You are a star!

Thanks for sharing the journey.

{soul hugs}

Anne said...

Hi, Lay Hoon! I love you personal map! It is gorgeous! I especially like how you colored it with chalks and then outlined with black marker! :-)

Laura Kay said...

Great map!! I am impressed.

Mar said...

your map turned out spectacular!!!
your colors are soft i like them


J@iM3 said...

hi lay hoon, care to take a look at my blog :D. I have posted something for you. cheers~

Sandy..... said...

Wow! What a great job! It looks like you're having a blast! I am a little bit behind in my soul journaling...and I miss it!!! :(

The Rubber Maid said...

Love your colors splashing across your map...it's lovely and soft. Pat

Mel said...

What a beautiful map! I really LOVE the colours....very vibrant.

Thanks for sharing with us..



PS Yours is the first blog I've visited that has music that hasn't made me reach for my speakers to turn them off..;)

Lady North said...

Lay Hoon! I love how you incorporated all those soft colours and other Creative Sites that you love. Thank you for sharing your journey through your Artbloglandia!
PS..Love Sealed with a Kiss..boy does that bring back memories!

Judy H in NC said...

Love to see the process by which you created your map.